Bushwick’s Donation Based Yoga Community

1089 Broadway Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 11221


Returning to the Way of the Heart

Yoga classes are currently on Sundays & Tuesdays @ 8pm

Call to bet let into class

Requested Donation is $12-$15

Boutique Studios is Brooklyn’s donation based community space for yoga, music, photography and art, healing, self discovery, green living and exploring freedom.

Easily accessed by the M train from Manhattan or other parts of Brooklyn, getting off at the Myrtle/Broadway stop or the J train to Kosciuszko

Email us to stay tuned in to classes and upcoming workshops including musical/vibrational healing, meditation, and other awakening practices.


Re-Define your journey as we provide you with the tools to become your own guru here at Boutique Studios.

Sundays and Tuesdays feature Ayurvedic based Hatha Vinyasa with Kristin Mirabelle.  She incorporates her influences from styles such as traditional Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, kundalini & tantra. Classes are 75-90 minutes, consisting of intention setting, full range of asanas, breath work, inversions, twists, mantra/sound, meditation, and a juicy final relaxation w/hints of massage.
The class sequencing is a stream of consciousness; molded in a way that is required for the individual students.
We honor Ayurveda and Shamanic guidance-bringing a balance between all elements of nature & the 7 directions, as our bodies reflect all of natures existence. Acknowledging our relationship to nature will allow us to create the most effective yoga practice, bringing whatever is required to allow for clarity, peace, fluidity and/or strength into balance.
Our goal is to open everyone to the infinite possibilities of life by remaining in the question, and acknowledging we are the catalyst for change. This class is catered to the individuals in each class. No cookie cutter yoga here!

To learn more about the classes, please visit us at

Boutique Yoga was born to develop a community within this unique and transitioning neighborhood of Brooklyn-Bushwick.
Space founder, John Kazar and Boutique Yoga Director and teacher, Kristin Mirabelle, have set out to share these gifts that have been passed on to them: yoga, music, green living and other forms of energetic work in a personable & loving atmosphere.
Classes are offered on a donation basis, to open up the opportunity for all to be able to explore the mystery of the mind, body, and consciousness.
Boutique Studios is a seed of many planted in Brooklyn to share these practices of self awareness and transformation.
They’ve teamed up with organizations such as NewYorkRestorationProject to also help facilitate free yoga in gardens, planted and ran by NYRP. Other organizations featuring holistic health care practictioners and further info on free as well as donation based freedom practices, visit If you are a facilitator of healing, you may add your services to BrooklynHolistic as well.

We look forward to sharing the space with you 🙂

For inquiries on renting the space for events or photography and video services, please visit