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Bodywork that Kristin will be sharing includes elements of Swedish massage, Ayurveda, crystal & sacred stone work and accupressure. Treating the mind and body as a whole is the key to experiencing the peace and bliss our being requires. Sessions are personalized to the unique needs of your body/mind.
Benefits include improved circulation, lymph drainage, improved mobility, and overall relaxation of the mind and body-reducing stress. We will help to empower your body’s own natural healing mechanisms, break up blockage to allow the free flow of energy; leaving you feeling centered, light, and at peace. Massage can also help diminish the symptons of an oncoming cold or sinus infection.

Sessions can also include Access Consciousness Bars, upon request.

Requested Contribution:
sliding fee scale available upon request

Sessions are 60 minutes-$80
75 minutes-$100

45 minute Private Yoga Lesson + 45 minutes bodywork-$125

15-20% Gratuity is Greatly Appreciatedm