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CelestialDanceDivine Feminine Prayer

Thursday, March 21st 8-10:15pm

This workshop is for ladies to attend, but is a gift for ourselves and all of mankind.

Women-I welcome you to join me in prayer and meditation, so that we may open the portholes to the earth and receptivity, allowing for infinite gifts and possibilities. I also would like for us to focus on sending appreciation, and receiving the powerful gifts that the women who walked before us, who helped us earn the freedom we have today.

This workshop is going to be serious, but also FUN! It’s funny, but it just so seems the laws of science respond to the vibrations of joy 😉

In honor of women’s history month, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of femininity, or women, is the most divine woman of us all-Earth.

I believe that women have an innate connection to the voice of the Earth, so I hope for myself and all of us, to allow ourselves to better use that voice, and honor the responsibility that comes with that gift.

In these times of change, I call women to join together in prayer and meditation, so we can heal the feminine aspects of ourselves, and come to a focused prayer of that for all of mankind, to help activate the Earth’s (and her inhabitants’) experience in a colorful and positive way.

I hope for us to allow our full power to flow, collectively coming to a vision as a group, to open the gates of receptivity and love.

I look forward to grounding myself more, and opening up to these infinite gifts and possibilities that are available.

Workshop Includes:

-Free flowing dance-to loosen up

-Divine femine yoga poses-to open and connect

-Guided meditation and prayer

-Song sharing

Requested Donation-$7-$infinity

PLEASE BRING A CANDLE FOR YOURSELF (one where the flame is not covered by glass)

We welcome Fruit, tea, or any healthy snack contributions.


-Reflecting on the seeds that have been planted and watered since t…he last new moon
-Awakening our connection to our anscestors
-Clearing space to connect to our true consciousness
-Opening up to the fire of creative passion
-Co-creating a journey to contribute our gifts to the universal life force
-Song Sharing and Exploration of Alchemy through Sound & Mantra
-marvelous percussionist, John Kazar, will be providing beats for this journey
-Song Sharing, we invite you to contribute a song. We ask that it is practiced as it will be your gift to offer..

Requested Donation $10-Infinity
FREE IF YOU SHARE A SONG, although all donations are welcomed and appreciated

Dress in a manner you’d like to meet your spirit guide in

Email us to

In Light,

Kristin & John
Boutique Yoga
1089 Broadway
Bushwick, NY 11221
(917) 651-7717

Boutique Yoga is Excited to Welcome you Into the Space for a Journey where we’ll co-create to meet our spirit guide and pray to a collective energetic force that holds us together and feeds the spirits of all elements.
We will be celebrating the new moon, which is a time …of new beginnings, planting new seeds for the month to come. It also happens to be the Chinese New Year!

Evening will consist of moving to break up stagnant energy, powerful kundalini breath work, guided meditation, sound healing and a song sharing celebration.

We invite you to share a devotional song, mantra, or prayer. It is required that it is practiced, as it will be a gift to your spirit guide.

John, Boutique Studios founder, will be providing musical accompaniment on this journey. He is known for his world music drumming and has graced the beat of percussion for 30 years.

Requested Donation $7-$12 (No one turned away) FREE IF YOU SHARE A SONG! Although all donations are accepted 😉

Dress in a manner that you would like to meet your spirit guide in. Feel free to be creative 🙂


Please feel free to share this event with friends.

In Light,

Kristin & John
Boutique Yoga
1089 Broadway
Bushwick, NY 11221
(917) 651-7717

Boutique Yoga is offering holiday specials, must be purchased by 1/10/12

We can offer these services in studio or we can come to you

Call or Email us to Purchase your Package or Session   917 651 7717

Re-Discover your home, that really warm place in your heart, and come celebrate this awesome body in yoga practice tonight @ 8pm here in Boutique Studios. 90 minute class will include everything your body desires plus a Forgiveness to Freedom Meditation, followed by a juicy svasana. Finding forgiveness for ourselves and others, will make the space we need to love ourselves and others, right here, right now! Lets let go of what no longer serves us and celebrate this journey together! Requested Donation $12-$15

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