Thursday 4/12 at 8pm-9:30pm Boutique Yoga is offering a Healing Arts & Earth Day Retreat Meet n Greet followed by a Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse Info Session

The Earth Day Retreat is a 3 day weekend retreat taking place at the beautiful Galiana Meditation Center nestled away in East Chatham, NY. The Green Bus will be taking us from NYC on this fun, transformational journey. Enjoy ORGANIC FOOD, YOGA, SACRED MOVEMENT, MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC, SONG SHARING, IMMERSION INTO PACHAMAMA, CONNECTING TO NEW & OLD FRIENDS, ENJOY THE MUSIC OF NATURE, SAUNA ALL ON A DIME! $300-$350 for EVERYTHING!!

The Meet N Greet Thursday will be an opportunity to meet the facilitators of this retreat, as well as meet other people in the healing arts to connect and blossom our family of Light in New York, to hopefully expand globally. Here you can ask questions and see if this is the right opportunity for you.


If you’ve scanned past the invite, but haven’t read the itinerary, I recommend it. The schedule is packed with so many phenomenal workshops.

Retreat Info:

Or you may visit us online-

We will be meeting at the home base for Boutique Yoga in Bushwick off the JMZ line (easy access).
I also wouldnt be surprised if a jam session were to come out of this, considering that all our facilitators are musicians…just a little thought, no promises! 😉

The retreat informational session is FREE, although we will be accepting donations for the space. Snacks and/or drinks are welcomed, especially if that is something you love to share 🙂

Requested contribution for Liver & Gall bladder cleanse info-$15

I will be accepting deposits at this meet n greet for those who were unsure and would like to move forward.

Following the meet n greet and questions, I will be offering an informational session to prepare those who are interested in a liver and gall bladder cleanse. This cleanse can be done for 1-2 weeks. This is one of the best cleanses Ive ever done, extremely thorough, allowing your body to do what it’s already doing at this time of year-cleaning itself out!
This cleanse will leave you feeling light, free, immune system extremely stronger, organs healthier, skin clearer, energy higher.
On this cleanse-YOU GET TO EAT!

If you are attending the retreat I HIGHLY recommend joining the Sangha (community) for this cleanse to really deepen the experience.

Looking forward to meeting all you beauties!

Boutique Yoga 1089 Broadway #3 Brooklyn, NY 11221      Call to be let in! 917.651.7717

Email me directly for questions, or if you can’t make it but would like the cleanse