CelestialDanceDivine Feminine Prayer

Thursday, March 21st 8-10:15pm

This workshop is for ladies to attend, but is a gift for ourselves and all of mankind.

Women-I welcome you to join me in prayer and meditation, so that we may open the portholes to the earth and receptivity, allowing for infinite gifts and possibilities. I also would like for us to focus on sending appreciation, and receiving the powerful gifts that the women who walked before us, who helped us earn the freedom we have today.

This workshop is going to be serious, but also FUN! It’s funny, but it just so seems the laws of science respond to the vibrations of joy 😉

In honor of women’s history month, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of femininity, or women, is the most divine woman of us all-Earth.

I believe that women have an innate connection to the voice of the Earth, so I hope for myself and all of us, to allow ourselves to better use that voice, and honor the responsibility that comes with that gift.

In these times of change, I call women to join together in prayer and meditation, so we can heal the feminine aspects of ourselves, and come to a focused prayer of that for all of mankind, to help activate the Earth’s (and her inhabitants’) experience in a colorful and positive way.

I hope for us to allow our full power to flow, collectively coming to a vision as a group, to open the gates of receptivity and love.

I look forward to grounding myself more, and opening up to these infinite gifts and possibilities that are available.

Workshop Includes:

-Free flowing dance-to loosen up

-Divine femine yoga poses-to open and connect

-Guided meditation and prayer

-Song sharing

Requested Donation-$7-$infinity

PLEASE BRING A CANDLE FOR YOURSELF (one where the flame is not covered by glass)

We welcome Fruit, tea, or any healthy snack contributions.