Access Consciousness Therapy at Boutique Yoga Brooklyn

Access Consciousness Therapy at Boutique Yoga Brooklyn

Access Consciousness is a hand-on therapy,working through 32 points on the head that connect to different areas of our life (money, control, communication, creativity, joy, sadness, healing, relationships, etc) along with verbal affirmations and releasing of negative or unproductive thought patterns. Or as they say in Access, “judgements, decisions, conclusions, and computations” we make over our life, which store in the body as memories.

The practitioner intuitively receives the questions to ask based on the clients energy and thoughts that may come up, as the energy flows from the client, through the practitioner.

One of the main goals is to lower stress levels,  to optimize our overall health
We clarify and re-energize your being by re-accessing your clearest vision, and eliminating chatter.

Access Consciousness Bars is a powerful complimentary therapy.

Western science provides a lot of wonderful technology to assist with injuries, “dis-ease”, & imbalance of body/mind; and today doctors are slowly incorporating energy work to speed up and amplify healing benefits to compliment all healing processes.

Access Consciousness Therapy & other forms of energy work is for anyone who wishes to live life with more ease, joy, clear focus, creative flow, and overall optimal health.

The session typically takes place with you laying down on a massage table.
With this hands-on technique, we will work through 32 points on the head, connecting to energy channels within the whole body: internal & external.

In a session, we create a space specifically for you.
Sessions include Access Consciousness Bars, sound and
crystal work to further activate the transformation process, verbal affirmations and hints of massage as required.
This approach addresses all aspects of your being, as a whole; mind/body/consciousness.

We’ll verbally interact with your consciousness relating to different areas of your life; allowing you to feel light, present, healthy, energized, confident, creative, abundant, alert, and fluid.
We will cover everything: from our consciousness based around power & control, to money, creativity, and relationships

This work is great for everyone,
even children.

It’s recommended to receive the bars in a series of at least 3 sessions, to allow for assimilation and further growth.

1 Session 60-70 min-$100