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Boutique Yoga is Excited to Welcome you Into the Space for a Journey where we’ll co-create to meet our spirit guide and pray to a collective energetic force that holds us together and feeds the spirits of all elements.
We will be celebrating the new moon, which is a time …of new beginnings, planting new seeds for the month to come. It also happens to be the Chinese New Year!

Evening will consist of moving to break up stagnant energy, powerful kundalini breath work, guided meditation, sound healing and a song sharing celebration.

We invite you to share a devotional song, mantra, or prayer. It is required that it is practiced, as it will be a gift to your spirit guide.

John, Boutique Studios founder, will be providing musical accompaniment on this journey. He is known for his world music drumming and has graced the beat of percussion for 30 years.

Requested Donation $7-$12 (No one turned away) FREE IF YOU SHARE A SONG! Although all donations are accepted 😉

Dress in a manner that you would like to meet your spirit guide in. Feel free to be creative 🙂


Please feel free to share this event with friends.

In Light,

Kristin & John
Boutique Yoga
1089 Broadway
Bushwick, NY 11221
(917) 651-7717


                            Tuesday, October 25th, 8pm-10:30

                       John Kazar & Kristin Mirabelle present Boutique Yoga’s

                                     Chakra Yoga & Meditation Workshop

                           Please RSVP via

                             This will be a 3-Part Series and many more to come

                          You may join for one or all, so email us to stay tuned in.


We will gather at Boutique Studios with a sense of community to deepen our understanding of the human energy field and how we can find bliss & alignment with several different techniques from yoga asana to breath work to chanting to music. With practice makes perfect, so once you learn these techniques you will have tools (which is basically yourself!) to help attain balance and manifest all of our greatest desires.
Bring a yoga mat if you have one and bring a friend. This workshop will be one of a kind and lots of fun!
John Kazar, who is a trained musician and has been playing percussion for 30 years, will be blessing us with the privileged of creating musical vibrations to awaken our every fiber throughout this journey. We will get to experience the various frequency of vibrations from drums around the world as well as chimes and other unique instruments.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra means wheel. In Indian medicine, these chakras, or wheels, are spinning; creating an energy “vortices”. We all have them! There are 7 chakras that receive and transmit energy. They exist within the subtle body, which corresponds and effects our physical and mental being. In this workshop, we will learn about the chakras and how they correlate to our psycho/biological makeup.
We will address some questions such as-why are certain poses really tough for me? Why is it that some poses make me feel very emotional, angry, or happy? How can I practice or adjust poses to really make my yoga practice work for me? No matter what style of yoga you like to practice, this is an extremely beneficial workshop to take vital information with you into any and all practices.
We will learn how to utilize yoga asanas (poses), meditations, chanting, scent, and elements to better understand and heal each of these energy centers from the inside out. Every part of our history and every thought we have stores somewhere in the body.
I will help teach you how to construct your own practice. You will have printed material to take home with you for guidance. Be prepared for this to be an interactive workshop. It wont just be me dictating to you; there will be open forum to ask questions and we will learn by teaching each other.
This workshop will be a 3-part series, with the other dates TBA. You may join for one or all to receive loads of vital information that will deepen your yoga practice as well as your relationship with yourself. My goal is to empower you to learn how to be your own guru.

Requested Donation $15-$30 (min. $15)