Join us Tonight @ 9:30 for the Lunar Eclipse & Celebration of the Earth!
Re-Birthday Celebration with Open Heart Meditation, Pachamama’s Mystical Journey Activation by Rosie Bravo,
featuring the musical vibrations, trance dance of purification of
From our South corner of the earth, Peru will be joining us in meditation & musical celebration, by INTI TAKI KUNA
Wear White & Red if possible
I cant express how blessed we are to have Alessandra performing here in our space.
Check out Alessandra’s music: http://www.alessandrabelloni.com/
More info Below
Saturday 11/12 at 11am-Creative Hatha Vinyasa to start your weekend right with. Purify, balance, align, and glow!

Sunday 11/13 at 6pm & 8pm-2nd Chakra Celebration-Awakening our Creativity & Ability to Conceive (New Ideas)

Tuesday 11/15 at 6pm & 8pm -Hatha Vinyasa

Sundays 2 classes are going to be a 1st & 2nd Chakra celebration.
Are you hips and hamstrings tight? Do you feel a blockage in your flow of creativity and sexuality? Do you feel grounded and connected to your roots? Do you question if you are speaking from truth? Are you conceiving from a clear place?
As we clear any confusion and blockage in the lower half of the body, we will replace that space with powerful intention into these areas of the subtle body, that have so much to do with our being; through mantra (sound), meditation, dance and poses geared to further open these areas of our body on all levels. Once we clear ourselves from the ground up, it will allow us to awaken our kundalini energy to rise up. We will pour out what we don’t need, to make space to conceive new things. Come prepared to shake things up!

Are you ready to take ownership of your heart, awake and transcend the illusion of duality and separation? Light and Dark are Energies of Creation, we need both to propel us to the manifestation of our life purposes. Being a Master of Duality by integration, compassion, responsibility, discipline, respect, wisdom, passion and equilibrium, it’s what gives birth to the Avatar with in you. You’ll now be able to perform miracles in your own self and Mother Earth.. We are light and love personified. We just need some dusting, and light on our hearts…that’s all!©Meaning of 11-11-11 and the New Shift of Consciousness
© Ascended Masters/Goddesses/Gods
©DNA/RNA activation and decoding
©Female and Male Polarities Fertilization
©Orgasmic Kundalini Energy Activation through Body, Mind, Heart and Soul/Spirit Union
©Tarot/Alchemy/Reiki//W.I.T.C.H/Magician/Yogi/High Priestess!!

Pachamama’s Mystical Journey and Open Heart Meditation is blessed with a Transcendental Ceremony performed by especial guest Alessandra Belloni where we will be honoring Mother Earth through music, dance, passion, tranquility and joy.