If you miss the Meet-Up Deadline, you may still contact me if interested in doing this powerful, life changing cleanse.

On Tuesday September 27th @ 8pm, we will come together to learn about how we can clean our bodies out with this intense cleanse; making room for new energy, new intentions, and the freedom of feeling light and allowing your energy to move fluidly without “crap” in the way. Now is the time to experience the joy of feeding yourself love through conscious, healthy eating.

We will learn the guidelines of this cleanse, meditate, and set intentions for this transformation process with the New Moon. We go on this journey together and will meet at least once in the duration of this cleanse to meditate and share about our process. I will be available to everyone throughout this cleanse to contact regarding questions because it is important to listen to your heart and your body if something truly doesn’t feel right. YOU ALSO HAVE THE OPTION TO JUST JOIN FOR THE MEDITATION FOR $8


Requested Contribution is $15-$25 (minimum-$15)