Sunday, September 18th @ 8-9:45pm.
Requested Donation-$15-$25 (Minimum donation is $15)

Mystic Womb Meditation, by Rosie Bravo

To honor this truth and to honor the female energy in all of us, I created this meditation. Here we will ground our hearts and wombs into the nucleus of Mother Earth, allowing her energetic frequencies of transmutation and healing love to fuse with our current DNA-Selves by gently and subtlety awakening our Kundalini Orgasmic Energy and by balancing our male/female polarities in a ceremony of energetic self love making and fertilization. This way, we can finally be able to conceive the Woman who we really desire to be in the now and give birth to a completely new Female re-evolution of love and respect on Earth.

Intention: Help each women conceive an internal re-evolution towards Enlightenment by reconnecting with the wisdom of their wombs and hearts. As women, we possess the honor of holding the wisdom of the Cosmos inside of our wombs. We have the power to nurture and serve it as the perfect space to take form and enter this world, not just as a baby, but as loving wisdom in different shapes. Let’s honor this gift by accepting and recognizing that we are an essential part of this Earth. We are valuable and deserve the best of life. “You must be the woman, you wish to see in this world!”